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Sportacus is one of the main characters of LazyTown. He is played by the creator of the show, Magnús Scheving.


Sportacus 10 ('Sportacus' to his friends) is LazyTown's resident action-health hero. He's the hero every little boy and girl wants to be: fit, agile and an amazing acrobat with lightning fast moves. He loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways and never does anything ordinary when he can do it with flair. Patient and kind and always understanding, he doesn't tell the kids of LazyTown not to do something, but rather leads by example.

His kryptonite is sugar. Just the slightest bit makes him instantly lethargic, and he crumples to the ground in a heap. His primary mode of transportation is his large airship that hovers over LazyTown. He travels between airship and LazyTown in a pod-like transporter, the Skutla. Alerted to trouble by a large crystal on his uniform, he's ready in a flash to save the day.

Sportacus loves to see others succeed and is disappointed when they won't even try. He looks beyond the status quo and believes there's always a new, unique way to accomplish something. He's a hero-for-all seasons, bringing vim and vigor to a world that's sorely in need of it, an unstoppable wakeup force in a town that's fast


Sportacus has fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair that is normally concealed by his hat. He wears a blue superhero outfit consisting of a dark blue vest, a crystal with the number "10" on it, striped pants, boots, and bracers on his forearms. He also has a pointed moustache.


Sportacus appears in every episode of LazyTown. His debut was in "Welcome to LazyTown" and his last appearance was in "Mystery of the Pyramid". He also appears in the following LazyTown productions that are not part of the series:


Primary performer:

  • Magnús Scheving

Other performers:

  • Matthias Matthiasson: singing voice, seasons 1-2
  • Dyri Kristjansson: live appearances from 2014-16


Sportacus on set with Pixel

  • Sportacus's Icelandic name is Íþróttaálfurinn, which translates to "the Athletic Elf".
  • In the original plays and the Icelandic dub, Sportacus is an elf rather than a human. This is referenced in several episodes when Robbie uses "blue elf" as an insult to Sportacus.
  • When the original pilot episode was produced, Bessie was written as Sportacus's mother. Although this plot point was changed for the show, it was still included on her original character description from 2003.


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