"Sleepless in LazyTown" is an episode in the first season of LazyTown.



"Pixel is staying up too late at night playing video games, and Sportacus encourages him to get to sleep on time, explaining that sleep is the source of his own energy. Robbie overhears this and hatches a plan to deprive Sportacus of sleep by changing the time on his clock. When Sportacus starts losing energy, Stephanie and the kids uncover Robbie's plot and they make sure to get lots of sleep so they can beat Robbie in an all-or-nothing baseball game."


Nick Jr. LazyTown - Jives in Maggi Mjói Borðar Ekki Mat

Cover of Maggi Mjói: Borðar Ekki Mat

This episode's storyline was partially based upon Magnús Scheving's 1999 book Maggi Mjói: Borðar Ekki Mat. Both the book and the episode focus on a LazyTown child being told by Sportacus to get more sleep. The book focuses on Jives; the episode substitutes Jives for Pixel.

Nick Jr. LazyTown - Sleepless in LazyTown Book

Cover of Sleepless in LazyTown

Nick Jr. LazyTown - Pixel Sleep Troubles Book

Cover of Pixel: Sleep Troubles

Two books based on this episode were released after its premiere. The first was released in 2006, published by Simon Spotlight and Nick Jr. It was illustrated by Artful Doodlers. The second was released in 2013. Titled Pixel: Sleep Troubles, it was an ebook illustrated by Katherine Burnett and an updated version of the book Maggi Mjói: Borðar Ekki Mat. Some of its pages very closely resemble those in the original book.

Nick Jr. LazyTown - Jives in Maggi Mjói Borðar Ekki Mat and Pixel in Sleep Troubles

A page from Borðar Ekki Mat compared with one from Sleep Troubles


  • This is the first episode not to feature Stingy or Trixie.
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