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LazyTown is an Icelandic television show created by Magnús Scheving for Nickelodeon. The series stars Stephanie, a young girl who has just moved to a community called LazyTown to live with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell. There, she meets a group of friends—Ziggy, Trixie, Pixel and Stingy—who do not know how to lead healthy lifestyles. With the help of a superhero named Sportacus, Stephanie helps to teach everyone in LazyTown how to be active and happy. Read more

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Featured Character: Jives

Nick Jr

Jives was a recurring character in LazyTown. He is a lethargic teenager who has no energy due to his unbalanced diet.

Description: Jives doesn't have enthusiasm for anything; nothing excites him and he walks about as if he were sleeping. This can be traced back to his refusal to eat fish, meat, fruit or oatmeal, which leaves him with no energy. Whenever he eats something, it is a snack or cocoa balls. This lack of energy leads to him having nearly no strength; he faints easily and his gaseous diet leads to incessant wind-pain. If he ever decides to eat wholesome food like Sportacus, his real powers will come to light.
Looks: Jives is tall and skinny. He has medium length brown hair and fair skin. He wears a yellow short sleeve shirt hoodie with a logo in the middle, green sweatpants, a green beanie, and yellow sneakers.
Appearances: Jives appears in nearly every piece of LazyTown media before the TV series. His screen debut was in "Áfram Latibær!" and his final physical appearance was in the Wit Puppets commercials. However, his house appears in nearly every episode of the LazyTown TV series.

Featured Episode: "LazyTown's New Superhero"

"LazyTown's New Superhero" is a double-length episode from the first season.

Summary: Stephanie and the LazyTown children decide to repay Sportacus for his heroics by giving him a day off, with Stephanie taking over as hero. Meanwhile, the supervillain Robbie Rotten is on the prowl again and decides to take advantage and builds a nasty dog which runs amok in LazyTown.

Featured Media

Rest in Peace, Stefán Karl Stefánsson.

RIP Robbie Rotten

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LazyTown writer Mark Valenti confirming Magnús Scheving's repossession of the rights to LazyTown. (15/5/2024)

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"You can't do this to people, Pixel, because people are people! And I'm a people person, so I should know!"Ziggy

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