Jives Junkfood is a recurring character in LazyTown. He is a lethargic teenager who has no energy due to his unbalanced diet.


Nick Jr. LazyTown - Placement of Jives' House Throughout the Show

The position of Jives' house in seasons 1-2 (top) and in seasons 3-4 (second from top). The two bottom images show Jives' house on the aerial town maps.

In the plays, Jives is one of the younger LazyTown residents. He displays some cool mannerisms while also acting tired and sloppy. He sees Sportacus as a role model and idolizes him; this trait was given to Ziggy when Jives was removed from the main cast. Similarly, Jives' sleep troubles were reused for Pixel in "Sleepless in LazyTown." Jives' house is a very tall, yellow-colored building with a green door that appears to be bending over. Guðmundur Þór Kárason's website Wit Puppets describes Jives as "a funky dude with some teenage problems."

Jives appeared as a major character in every incarnation of LazyTown until the television series. Even though he was presumably taken out of the main cast shortly before the series' unaired pilot began production, Jives makes very brief appearances on printed items (like books and cards) throughout the show. His house is also often seen in the backgrounds and in aerial views of LazyTown, most notably in the opening theme and at the beginning of every episode. His house is located to the right of the school. A road is located between the school and Jives' house.

Since Jives is referenced numerous times throughout the television series, he is still existent within the show's fictional universe. His house is still in LazyTown, so it can be assumed that he is always sleeping inside of it.

Official bio

Jives doesn't have enthusiasm for anything; nothing excites him and he walks about as if he were sleeping. This can be traced back to his refusal to eat fish, meat, fruit or oatmeal, which leaves him with no energy. Whenever he eats something, it is a snack or cocoa balls. This lack of energy leads to him having nearly no strength; he faints easily and his gaseous diet leads to incessant wind-pain. If he ever decides to eat wholesome food like Sportacus, his real powers will come to light.


Jives' appearance changes throughout the series.

In Áfram Latibær: Jives is shown to be very tall and skinny. He has brown hair and fair skin. He wears a tight yellow long sleeve shirt, plaid shorts, suspenders, and a yellow golf cap.

In Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ: Jives is tall, but not as skinny as he was previously. He has medium length brown hair and fair skin. He wears a yellow short sleeve shirt hoodie with a red dot in the middle, green sweatpants, and a green beanie.

Wit Puppet: Jives is tall and has fair skin. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and a large nose. He usually wears a yellow sweatshirt, green pants, and a green cap. This color scheme matches his house.


Nick Jr. LazyTown Jives Maggi Mjói on Comic Book

Jives on a comic book.

Jives appears in the following LazyTown works:




Some examples of episodes featuring Jives' house are:

  • Every episode - Jives' house is always seen behind Robbie in the intro, just before he falls into his trap. It is also seen before and after the title cards in the aerial view of LazyTown.
  • "Defeeted" - Jives' house is seen throughout "Always a Way."
  • "Sports Day" - Jives' house is in many of the shots when Sportacus and Robbie are competing.
  • "Swiped Sweets" - The house can be seen behind Ziggy when he uses his lollipop to grab Robbie's key from an apple tree.
  • "Rottenbeard" - The house is shown during the song "You Are a Pirate", when Robbie is singing the line "We float on our boat..."
  • "Remote Control" - The house is seen behind Stephanie and Ziggy when Robbie threatens to freeze them.
  • "The Blue Knight" - Robbie flies over Jives' house in his dragon machine.
  • "Robbie's Dream Team" - It is seen at the beginning when Sportacus flies above the entire town.



  • Out of all the Latibær characters who did not become main characters in LazyTown, Jives makes the most appearances.



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