Below is a list of characters outside of the main cast who have made at least one physical appearance in an episode.

Minor characters

These characters have appeared in multiple episodes.


The kitten is a young cat who finds himself stuck in a tree often. This cat appears in "Dr. Rottenstein", "Crystal Caper", and "Robbie's Greatest Misses".


Roboticus is a robot ordered by Robbie to replace Sportacus as the town hero. He has a major role in "Roboticus" and can also be seen in Robbie's Automatic Wardrobe in "The Lazy Cup".

One-time characters

These characters each appeared in one episode of the show.


Rottenella, or the Dancing Doll, is a ballerina figure that Robbie brings to life in "Dancing Duel".

Little Sportacus

Little Sportacus is the "littlized" version of Sportacus, seen in the episode of the same name.

Baby Bird

The baby bird is an animal that Robbie littlizes in "Little Sportacus".


The genie is a magical being summoned by Robbie in "The Lazy Genie". Played by Örn Arnason.

International Children

These are the children that appear in "Sportacus Saves the Toys" when Sportacus goes to

Bobby, Tobby and Flobby

Main Article: Bobby Rotten, Flobby Rotten, and Tobby Rotten

Bobby, Tobby and Flobby are Robbie's clones from "Robbie's Dream Team." They also appeared in the 2016 performance of "We Are Number One."

Lulu the Troll

Main Article: Lulu the Troll Lulu is a troll who appeared in "The Baby Troll"


Pinocchio is a puppet that came to life from a story Robbie got in "New Kid in Town". He was portrayed by Sigurdur Thor Oskarsson.

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