Áfram Latibær! (English: Go, LazyTown!) was the first stage performance in the LazyTown franchise. It was a loose adaptation of a storybook authored by Magnús Scheving in 1991.



The play takes place in an early version of LazyTown (Latibær in Icelandic). All of the residents are lazy and weak because they never exercise or eat healthy foods. Most residents have a specific problem: Stephanie is an out-of-shape dancer; Ziggy is obsessed with candy; Trixie pulls pranks on everyone; Pixel does not moderate the amount of time he spends on electronics; Stingy does not know how to share; Jives is lethargic because his diet is unbalanced; and Penny spends all of the money she receives. The lack of energy in the town makes Mayor Meanswell disappointed. He cheers up after Sportacus the athletic elf arrives and teaches everyone how to lead healthier lifestyles. The reformed townspeople end up being able to compete in a sports competition.

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Áfram Latibaer English Subtitles LazyTown (Latibær)

Áfram Latibaer English Subtitles LazyTown (Latibær)


  • Robbie is the only main character from the television series who did not appear in this play.
  • This marks one of Jives' few major roles. He only makes cameo appearances in the television series.
  • This is Penny Pestella's only appearance.
  • A few songs from "Áfram Latibær" were adapted for the television series as "Nenni Níski," "Íþróttaálfurinn," "Solla Stirða," and more.
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